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An artist, designer, animator and film director.       
Graduate in Fine Arts from the M S University, Baroda.

Through his career as an artist he has worked in many national and international projects... from different companies ... Times of India, Toons animation, Synergy images etc.
His mile stones include,  Animation Supervisor for the Hindi film 'Friends Forever' which was directed By Soumitro Ranadae. Story Board  for the Movies like 'Main Hoon Na' and 'Nayana' , and Assistant Art Director for  malayalam movie 'Friends' directed by Siddique, Direction of  King of the road, Award winning short film from Synergy images.

'5TERS - Castle of Dark Master' is his directorial debut in the full length feature film category. It is a Hindi feature film which explores the possibilities of  live action composited with 2D/3D animation and Visual effects.
Presently he is developing high end feature film ideas,  Unique visual effects and CG based Indian historical and mythological subjects.

Vijayalakshmi.N.S - Story / Associate Director / Digital production head
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Unique mix of creative and management skills and ability to inspire and motivate creative teams and conceptualize unique story ideas for films …
Graduating with fine arts degree, specializing in painting from college chitrakala parishath - Bangalore. 
Started  career as Art Director and as Assistant Director for Kannada films and serials with the well known Kannada film director KSL Swami (Ravi) in 1998.
Joined today’s SYNERGY IMAGES a leading digital and animation multimedia company to peruse a career as Creative director for animation projects in 2001
In the course of my presence in this company for over 7 years … I have managed and created concepts for many digital ad films … corporate films for all most all the leading IT companies, ad agencies and others…
One of the short films called “KING OF THE ROAD” got international recognition in china … in Asian animation platform.

In 2009, I partnered with Mr. G Venugopal (Film Director) for a mega film project, 5ters -castle of dark master.

Ravi Ganeshan - Executive Producer

Ganesh.P - Executive Producer

Subash.K.SCreative Head
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Ratheesh.K - Animation Supervisor / Concept / Storyboard
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Vaseem Ashar  - Visual Effect Supervisor
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Shameelsha ( ABDUL KADER ) Associate Visual Effect Supervisor
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Aswinlal  - VFX \ Compositing Lead
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Mathai.M.Mathai ( Saji ) - Animation Head
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Sathish.Gopal - Assistant Director \ Animator
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Kavitha  - Animator

Vikram Beerappa - Lighting Lead
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Tinu Mohan - Lighting Lead

Gourishankar.S - Mate Painting Artist